Innovation Lab

The Rabin Medical Center (RMC) Innovation Laboratory was founded in 2018 at the Beilinson Campus, which is located in Petach Tikva, Israel. The hospital belongs to the Clalit Healthcare, the largest HMO in Israel. It is the most prominent medical facility of the Clalit, and one of the largest and most advanced hospitals in Israel and the Middle East, leading in clinical fields such as transplantation, oncology, and cardiology. It has been a leader in the use of new technologies while maintaining the highest standards of quality medical and nursing care with personal attention towards the wellbeing of patients and their families.

The RMC Innovation Laboratory is a unique center of creativity, focusing on providing technological solutions across a vast array of unmet clinical needs within the hospital setting. The lab primarily facilitates the first steps of medical entrepreneurship, supporting medical personnel of all disciplines. In addition, we collaborate with external organizations, guiding them through all phases of clinical needs-finding, research, brainstorming, and clinical testing.

At the core of the Innovation Lab lays the understanding that in order to provide an impactful solution, one must first identify and characterize the unmet clinical need. We believe that medical personnel who come into contact with gaps in patient care on a daily basis, are the ones most suitable to make the first identification of the unmet need. Once the initial need is identified, we work with the entrepreneurs to promote an applied solution to the problem based on “design thinking.” Our unique working process is inspired by the Biodeisgn process.

The Innovation Laboratory Process

As a key player in the large innovation initiative of the Clalit Healthcare system, and working closely with both the Clalit Research Institute and Mor Research Applications, we are able to connect entrepreneurs who have identified unmet needs to the ever-growing and vibrant community of engineers, designers, and business capabilities.

Our vision is to assist clinicians in cultivating their ideas and creating a working environment where identified unmet needs can develop further into products and companies, benefiting the patient population and health care professionals. Within the unique combination of its management, partnerships, and collaborations with companies from the industry and the academia, we wish to provide the entrepreneur with the right setting to test and execute their innovative ideas within the healthcare world. That is the vision of the RMC innovation lab.