3D Printing Projects

  • Ultrasound-to-Stepper Adapter
      Ultrasound-to-Stepper AdapterDepartment of Radiation Oncology, Davidoff Center

      3D printed replacement plastic adapter to affix a transrectal ultrasound to stepper device, necessary for the performance of transperineal procedures for prostate cancer.

      Dr. Elisha Fredman
      Dimitri Bragilovski, MS
      Dr. Oded Icht


    • Embryo 3D Ultrasound
        Embryo 3D UltrasoundObstetrics and Gynecology Division

        3D printed model of twins embryos.
        Demonstrated from ultrasound.

        Prof. Yinon Gilboa

      • 3D printed brachytherapy Grid
          3D printed brachytherapy GridDepartment of Urology

          3D printed tool for execution of transperineal prostate brachytherapy under radiation.

          Prof. David Margel

        • Brain Aneurysm
            Brain AneurysmDepartment of Neurology

            Intracranial (cerebral) aneurysm of a 47 y/o patient, that was 3D printed for better observation and procedure planning by the interventional neurologists.

            Dr. Michael Findler

          • Scaffolds for Research
              Scaffolds for ResearchLaboratory for Organ Bioengineering

              Biological coating of 3D printed scaffolds for biocompatibility testing

              Dr. Shahar Cohen

            • Aneurysm Treatment Simulator
                Aneurysm Treatment SimulatorDepartment of Neurology

                Simulation 3D printed model for practicing the cerebral catheterization and testing the tools and equipment before the actual procedure.

                Dr. Michael Findler

              • Radiotherapy add on device
                  Radiotherapy add on deviceDepartment of Radiation Oncology, Davidoff Center

                  Localizing device for stereotactic radio surgery.

                  Dimitri Bragilovski