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Recent advances in technology based on clinical information, as well as the exponential growth of digital data, provides us with a tremendous opportunity to improve our healthcare. The RMC Innovation Center provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to develop digital solutions based on large sets of data and artificial intelligence. We believe that a combination of technology and clinical knowledge (medical databases, the knowledge of the clinicians themselves and the opportunity to perform in-house validation), will bring about tremendous breakthroughs – in terms of safety and quality of care.

From tumor detection to predicting complications in childbirth, artificial intelligence based software is revolutionizing medicine, and this is only the beginning.

Artificial intelligence is a technology developed based on the structure of the human brain – thus, capable of learning from digital data and making clinical inferences.

Artificial intelligence can be used to develop decision support systems that will improve over time and help physicians improve their treatment.

Digital health at our center is focused on artificial intelligence technology, which allows for deep processing of natural language, visual and auditory information, as well as real-time physiological metrics and any patient-related information.

Possible capabilities that arise from this technology are: predicting patients’ deterioration, adjusting treatment more accurately, improving diagnosis of radiological findings, improving clinical conclusions and identifying hidden connections.

We believe that a technological solution in the field of medicine should be based on a combination of high quality engineering along with clinical guidance. Therefore, the software is developed in conjunction with the clinician, whose clinical knowledge forms the basis for the artificial intelligence software. The technology is also developed with an emphasis on its explanation – that is, the clinician who uses the technology can ask the software questions based on the data the software has considered for diagnosis. By incorporating the explanatory component, the clinician’s confidence in the software as a decision support system increases significantly, and the software can even  expand the clinician’s clinical knowledge.

In the Innovation Center, there are two pathways for digital health:

The Research Route

The Innovation Center promotes research that has the potential to change the way in which diseases and healthy people are diagnosed, treated and prevented.

These transform into AI-based studies, based on large databases – which are presented at leading global conferences and lead to publications in leading journals.

Translational studies with potential future applications.

The Applied Route

The Innovation Center deals with the development of technological solutions, from the needs-based phase of the concept to in-house implementation. These solutions will improve the therapeutic continuum, with emphasis on the connection between a tertiary-level medical facility and the ambulatory care, sprouting solutions with a significant clinical and financial impact.

The Innovation Center also promotes the development of groundbreaking technological solutions based on internal organizational innovation and collaborations with industry.

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